1900+ restaurants in 35 countries

One bookingsystem.
One fixed price.

easyTableBooking makes it easy to manage your restaurant’s table reservations. The system is implemented in a few minutes on your website so that guests can book a table online, themselves.

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All data belongs to you and your guests will not receive discounts or marketing from other restaurants

With easyTableBooking you have 100% ownership of your data. The guests are therefore, not able to create an “account” with us and you have full control over what is sent to them.



Free creation and only 54€ per month*

The first month is always free and without obligation.
We also help with the setup, implementation on the website, and staff training.

*Annual payment plan. 60 Monthly payment plan.

We think it should be easy - both for you and your guests

easyTableBooking is one of the market’s best and affordable reservation systems for restaurants and cafes. The system has many setup options, so it can be adapted to your specific needs.

Spend your time providing good service - not on the phone

When the restaurant is full, taking table reservations over the phone can be both disruptive and time-consuming. With an online restaurant reservation system, guests can book a table themselves on your website. That way, you won’t be disturbed and guests can book a table online – they will also receive a confirmation either by e-mail or SMS.

Works on computer, tablet and mobile phone

The system is compatible with PC, iPad and iPhone – and virtually all other platforms with an internet connection! There can be unlimited users on the system at the same time, so it is always possible to access the reservations.