Restaurant booking system

Do you need a new booking system?

If you have a café or restaurant you know that it can be both disruptive and time-consuming to take table reservations over the phone. With an online restaurant booking system, you don’t have to spend time taking reservations over the phone, and at the same time, your guests can easily get an overview of available tables and orders on your website. It is simple for your guests and it also saves you a lot of time whilst the orders roll in and you are busy in your restaurant or café.

One of the best and most competitively priced systems on the market

Our restaurant booking system is not only one of the best and most flexible on the market, it is also one of the most affordable. You can get started using our restaurant booking system from just 356, – pr. month. The system is extremely flexible and has many different setup options that make it possible to adapt the system to exactly the needs and wishes of your café or restaurant. Maybe you, in addition to your website, also want to integrate your restaurant booking system on Facebook, Mailchimp, or similar. This is totally possible with our restaurant booking system. We want to make it easy for customers to book a table for their next dining experience at your restaurant or café.

Easy and fast implementation

Implementing a new system can often be a time consuming and costly affair. As a customer with us, however, you are guaranteed an easy and simple process, where our restaurant booking system can easily be implemented on your own website. If you choose our solution, you avoid having to spend several hours and extra budget on implementing the project. With our restaurant booking system you are just a few steps away from having an incredibly easy and manageable restaurant booking system, which customers can easily navigate around, and which provides a good overview of your reservations.

Your customers will receive confirmation by email or SMS

Your guests have the opportunity to book a table in peace and quiet through your website with our restaurant booking system. They will also receive a confirmation by either email or SMS when the table is booked. This way you avoid any complications and misunderstandings that may occur with table booking over the phone. With our restaurant booking system, you avoid doubts about bookings, as the customer will always receive a confirmation in writing from the system, stating where and when a table is booked for. In addition, your customers will be able to access the system from all devices. Our restaurant booking system is compatible with both PC, iPad, and iPhone – and virtually all other platforms with an internet connection. This makes it easy and convenient for the user and means that you do not lose customers on the way to the final booking.

Ready to start with easyTableBooking?

Do you also want to get started right away? We have made it easy, you can create an account here today. The first month is always free, so if you are tied into another solution, you can get easyTableBooking for one month during the notice period for free. If you want to be kept up to date on the latest features, get to know more about some of our customers, and what our system can do, you can also follow us on our Facebook page, which we frequently update with the latest news.