Affordable reservation system

Looking for an affordable reservation system?

easyTableBooking was established in 2012 as a user friendly and affordable alternative to the many expensive reservation systems. Our philosophy at easyTableBooking has been clear from day one. We offer an affordable reservation system that is user friendly, without hidden fees and our customers avoid long lock-in periods. Many things have happened since the start of easyTablebooking’s journey, but one thing is and will always remain the same – and that is that we offer an affordable reservation system, which is the best on the market – both in terms of price, service, and functionality.

An easy and simple solution with easyTableBooking

One booking system. One fixed price. This is the simple foundation, on which we build and run our business. We make it simple to manage the table reservations of your restaurant or café with an affordable booking system, enabling your guests to easily book a table online with a few clicks.

The implementation of a new system can often be an expensive and resource-intensive affair. This is not the case with our system, as it can be implemented on your website in just a few minutes. Would you like to avoid an expensive and extensive implementation process, and are you considering a new, affordable reservation system for your café or restaurant? Then easyTableBooking is the obvious choice.

Get an overview with an affordable reservation system

If you have previously received reservations by phone and email, you are most likely also aware that it requires a lot of coordination and work to manage a physical booking calendar. With an affordable reservation system from easyTableBooking, you are guaranteed a good overview of the restaurant’s table bookings, and at the same time, you avoid using a lot of resources to manage and maintain the calendar. Resources that you could spend on other and more important parts of the operation of your restaurant or café.

An affordable booking system with many possibilities

We know that it can be a big decision to move to a new and affordable reservation system. That is why we offer all new customers a free trial period, so you can navigate through the system and use it on your own – free of charge. If you decide to invest in an affordable reservation system such as ours, there will be no set-up fees – and we will also configure the system in collaboration with you, so that it is customized according to how you would like it and to your needs. Once the system has been implemented on your website, we offer training for your staff so that all employees can use the system in the best way possible.

Should you, unexpectedly, become tired of an affordable booking system like ours, there is no notice period, so you don’t have to commit to anything over several, long months. In other words, easyTableBooking is both easy and simple for you, your staff, and not least your customers. If you’re interested in getting to know us better, you are always welcome to follow us on Facebook or Linkedin, where we continuously post updates from our universe of table booking and affordable reservation systems.